Why Use Shot Box

 Photo Booth?

Shot Box Can Help Make Your Event Memorable

No-one want to see their guests sitting there and not having a good time. They want to make the event memorable. Having a Photo Booth, not only gives the guests something to do, but they get to take something home with them (a fun picture they took with friends or family). Photo Booths are there to entertain your guests, but hiring the right one is equally as important.


Not all Photo Booths are created equal! 

So it is important to Hire the RIGHT one.


Other Companies 


  • Specialize in other areas of entertainment and own a Photo Booth

  • Hire attendants that are not there, not fun and have no idea what to do if something malfunctions.

  • Their booth looks like a tent

  • Where have those props been?

  • Use webcams and a laser printers. 



Shot Box

  • We specialize in Photo Booths! It's that simple. Would you hire a photographer to DJ your wedding??? 

  • We are there for the whole event. We do not drop off the booth and let your guests try to figure it out. We have fun with your guest and get them involved. We have never missed an event. 

  • We use the prettiest backdrops! Think Sparkles!!  We specialize in Open Air Photo Booths and have lots of backdrops to choose from. If you need a closed booth ...... we have that too

  • We Love to shop!! So we have the best props. If we wouldn't wear it we don't bring it. We make our own signs!! So you have unique props and if your need something customized to your event, we can do that to!

  • Shot Box only uses the best equipment- We use a DSLR Camera with a Great lens and Professional Grade printer that prints out Smear proof, Fade proof and even Water proof photos!

Renting a Shot Box Photo Booth lets you entertain your guests and gives you or the Guest of Honor a chance to enjoy the special day too.

Over 80% of our jobs in 2018 & 2019 were referrals or repeat customers - and to us that means everything!! There is no greater compliment. If that's not enough check out our reviews. (We have the best customers)

If you love what you do then its not a job - and that is why we're are good at it.